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2021 Arrowhead Titans Lacrosse Information

Registration and Season Information will be determined in January of 2021.    This current website has last year's information and will be updated accordingly in January.  You can use last year's info as a rough guide for 2021 as very little will change. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Zach Swart.  218.310.4342 or




Registration Dates:   February 24 - March 15

Based on feedback from parents over the past couple of years, we pushed the registration dates back to Feb 24-Mar 15.  The idea is to let winter activities conclude, let people shift into spring/summer mode and get away from paying off the Christmas bills. The only disadvantage to this is that we can not register for tournaments until we know how many teams we have at each level.   Please, please, please register sooner rather than later if possible.   This will possibly help us register for tournaments sooner rather than later.   After March 15 players will not be guaranteed a place on a team.  

Registration info. 

1.   We are registering for the U8 girls, U8 boys, U10 girls, U10 boys, U12 girls, U12 boys, U14 girls, U14 boys.  (age breakdowns are by grade and are listed on this website)

2.  Registration fees and fundraising costs are listed on this website. They are the same boys and girls at each level.

3.   If you have more than one player in your family, the 2nd (3rd, 4th etc) are half off registration for both registration and fundraising. Register your oldest at full price, the others are half.    You may need to register for the full amount on line but we will cut you a check later (we are trying to work it out on line as we speak).

4.   We do offer payment plans if you don't want to pay all at once.   Simply email our treasurer Amy Pochenich at  This is handled solely by her and is done in a very confidential manner.

As always, please spread the word about registration to others who may not be on this email and let me know if you have any questions.

Please contact ZACH SWART at 218-310-4342 or email at